Sons of Gaucho want Brazil victory as they continue father’s legacy

Frank and Gustavo Damasceno (Aaron Chown/PA) Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Two Brazil fans are hoping to go all the way to the World Cup final as they look to carry on their superfan father’s legacy.

Frank and Gustavo Damasceno have travelled to Russia hoping the Selecao make amends for the crushing 7-1 defeat to Germany on home soil in the last tournament in 2014.

That was the last World Cup match their father Clovis Acosta Fernandes, known worldwide as Gaucho da Copa, saw before he died in September 2015.

His image was beamed around the globe as he clutched his replica of the World Cup trophy while watching that humbling in the semi-final.

His sons have brought his bronze replica, which they said is the same size and weight as the original, to Moscow and hope to take it all the way to the final.

Frank, 39, said his father had given the trophy away to a German woman after the 2014 defeat, saying: “As you can see it’s not easy to carry, but you deserve it.”

He was later given it back in a presentation in Munich, Germany, attended by German players Jerome Boateng and Mario Gotze.

Gaucho at the World Cup in 2014 Credit: Gaucho at the World Cup in 2014

Speaking in central Moscow, Frank told the Press Association: “We are here to carry my father’s trophy.

“This is my World Cup number seven, now the same number as him, and for Gustavo it is number four, so we keep going on the journey.

“We are here for four days – Moscow is very beautiful. The people here are amazing.

“I think Brazil’s ready.

“For sure, he’s happy. We hope the final will be Brazil and Argentina.”

Gustavo, 33, who was wearing his father’s hat covered in pin badges, joked: “Just the moustache is mine.”

He added: “I feel Brazil is the best team but to win is different. We have another chance to make a difference.”