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The story behind the Grenfell Tower memorial mosaic

A memorial mosaic has been unveiled at the base of Grenfell Tower to honour the 72 people who died as a result of the fire.

It was made by members of the community of all ages, with the project intended to be a way of bringing people together.

On the 14th of each month for the next year, a petal designed by a different community group will be added to the mosaic so it eventually forms a flower.

Ismahan Egal, who came up with the idea, said she wanted to create something that represented how people from the area came together after last year's tragic events.

"It was an artistic way to represent what we were all doing," she told ITV News.

"You've got the interlocking arms and it was almost like we were forming human chains in those early days. You were passing boxes along and passing bottles of water and it was just some way of giving people a chance to take part in something really beautiful.

"It's something forward-looking and hopeful that will be impactful in a beautiful, positive way we hope."

Once all the petals have been added, the mosaic will be given to the Grenfell United group and is likely to be displayed in the memorial garden. Each of the petals will be given back to the different community groups that design them so they can be displayed.

Artist Emily Fuller, who created the mosaic, said: "It is just the start but I feel immensely privileged to be able to be part of this mosaic and be working with this fantastic community.

"I'm excited about seeing the flower grow and I'm very excited about all the people we'll be working with and meeting."

Art organisation ACAVA took on the idea and facilitated it with the designers.

Lisa Nash from the group said: "We really liked the idea of each community group making something that was a whole and that they were able to take each of their pieces away again and they would be presented in the community centres."