Meghan is shown the royal ropes - by the boss

When you’re on a training course at work, it’s always best to have the most senior person running it.

And in a way, that is what the Duchess of Sussex got today when she accompanied The Queen on a series of engagements in Cheshire.

There was one moment when Meghan appeared a little unsure about who should get in the car first.

And another when the Queen shuffled along the back seat which meant Meghan was heading for the wrong door.

But neither moment could be classed as particularly serious.

As Meghan Markle, the Duchess appeared at lots of official royal events, but she always had Prince Harry by her side.

Today, the Queen and Duchess arrived together at Runcorn station after spending the night on the Royal Train.

The Queen was wearing a green outfit, the colour of the Grenfell Tower campaign, and that was not a coincidence on a day when they both stopped and joined the nationwide minute's silence when they arrived in Chester city centre.

A few moments before, they'd officially marked the opening of the new Mersey Gateway Bridge which links Widnes and Runcorn on either side of the river.

The pair watched performances on the northern side of the Mersey with the bridge in front of them.

The Queen wore a green outfit in memory of the Grenfell disaster. Credit: PA

It was a perfect introduction for the former American actress to a royal engagement Queen-style and to a British summer's day: it was cool and breezy with lots of cloud - Californian sunshine this was not.

In fact, there was so much wind that an alarm had been installed on the temporary stage in case the gusts made the structure unsafe.

There was also a chemical smell in the air from something nearby.

Welcome to Britain, your new Royal Highness!

In Chester though, crowds knew better than to be put off by the weather.

They waited patiently for as long as four hours for the Queen and Meghan to make a short walk from a theatre to the town hall.

The Queen looked particularly pleased after the crowds let out a big cheer when the name of her new granddaughter-in-law was read out by the Mayor.

Plaques unveiled. Bridge opened. Crowds spoken to. Performances watched. And Meghan's training course was done.

The only thing missing was the planting of a tree.

It was a particularly blustery day in Cheshire. Credit: PA