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Queen and Meghan 'giggled together like teenagers' on their first joint outing

The Duchess of Sussex and the Queen at the opening of the new Mersey Gateway Bridge, in Widnes. Photo: PA

The Duchess of Sussex showed her nerves on her first joint engagement with the Queen, but there was genuine warmth between the monarch and Meghan, a body language expert said.

Judi James said the head of state and the former Suits star "giggled together like teenagers at one point" as they enjoyed their day out in Cheshire.

It was their first joint outing together. Credit: PA

Ms James said: “The Queen doesn’t indulge in worries and she didn’t spend a lot of time checking on Meghan, but instead let her get on with it.

“But when she did glance at her, it was with a beaming smile and approval.”

The Queen wore a green outfit in memory of the Grenfell disaster. Credit: PA

She added: “The Queen was the happiest I’ve seen her in a long time. They looked like naughty teenagers giggling together at one point.

“Meghan was still being very careful. She sat with her legs crossed at the ankles and was clearly seeking approval.”

The newlywed duchess, who married the Duke of Sussex in a star-studded ceremony in Windsor last month, was nervous, repeatedly touching her hair.

Ms James suggested: “Meghan did so many self-checking gestures of anxiety which is interesting in such a confident woman.

“She walked up the aisle on her own without batting an eyelid.”

Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex in her wedding to Prince Harry last month. Credit: PA

The duchess’s outfit – a beige Givenchy dress with caped shoulders – may have not been the ideal choice, Ms James said.

“I think her outfit did her no favours. The caped shoulders restricted her arms and she lost some of her more natural movements.”

Judi James says Meghan's outfit may have restricted her natural movements. Credit: PA

Ms James described the monarch as having young body language for a woman of 92.

“She looked positively girlish. When she smiles you can see the young princess coming out. She’s got a beautiful childlike smile and her little hands were formed into fists at one point.

“Perhaps Meghan did bring a little bit more of that out in her. We saw displays which showed the pair genuinely having fun.”