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£26,000 Banksy print stolen from Canada exhibition

Banksy artworks often appear overnight, but they don't tend to disappear, as a print from an exhibition in Canada has done.

CCTV has emerged of Trolley Hunters being taken from an exhibition of some of the artist's work in Canada.

Shortly after 5am on Sunday morning, a person with their face obscured enters the room, heading straight for the £26,000 print.

They disappear from view for several seconds, before reappearing again with a picture in their hands.

The suspect then leaves via the door they came in, leaving a large hole in the £20 million exhibition.

The entire theft last less than one minute.

Trolley Hunters was created in 2007. Credit: Banksy

Police in Toronto described the man as "wearing glasses, black jacket, green camouflage baseball hat, blue jeans rolled at the cuff, grey running shoes, and glasses".

Trolley Hunters depicts three crouching hunters, one aiming a spear at a grouping of shopping carts.

The show was curated by Steve Lazarides, the anonymous British street artist’s former agent.

The suspect leaves with the print. Credit: Toronto Police Department