Government plans to pass 'upskirting' law after Tory MP blocks bill

  • Video report by ITV News correspondent Keme Nzerem

Justice minister Lucy Frazer has told ITV News she "was very disappointed" a private member's bill to make upskirting illegal was blocked by her Conservative colleague Christopher Chope.

Stopping short of criticising his actions, she said "we would like to get it (the law) on the statute book as quickly as possible," adding the initiative has cross-party support.

Christopher Chope, the MP for Christchurch, was lambasted by many of his own party's MPs after he objected to the Voyeurism (Offences) Bill which would make it illegal for offenders to take a picture under someone’s clothing without their consent.

There were cries of "shame" in the Commons as the MP, who was given a knighthood by Theresa May in 2018, stopped the bill in its tracks.

Chope regularly objects to private member's bills because he claims they are not scrutinized enough.