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Grieving widow Allana Carvell facing 'paupers' funeral' for her husband has costs paid off by the public

A grieving widow who faced having a 'paupers' funeral' for her husband said she is "truly grateful" for public donations which will cover the full cost of a funeral.

Allana Carvell told ITV News last week that the thought of a paupers' funeral for her husband was "killing" her as she faced costs of £4,000.

An ITV News investigation found that paupers' funerals - which happen when families can't pay for their own arrangements - have increased by 70% over the last three years, costing councils just over £4 million in the last financial year alone.

Ms Carvell's 10-year-old son's handwritten note for his father's funeral. Credit: ITV News

In Ms Carvell's area, a paupers' funeral would have meant her husband's grave wouldn't have a headstone and two strangers could share the same grave.

Describing how the donations made her feel, Carvell told ITV News: "I am truly grateful to every one of you and also for your nice messages of support.

"I am overwhelmed at the response and all the help that has been given."

The full cost of her husband's funeral was met by members of the public who paid through direct transfers to her bank and an online donation page.