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Boris Becker not a Central African Republic diplomat, foreign minister says

Boris Becker faces proceedings in the UK (John Walton/PA) Photo: PA Archive/PA Images

Central African Republic’s foreign minister has said retired German tennis star Boris Becker does not have diplomatic status in his role as a sports attache for the country, according to reports.

Becker claims that his unpaid role gives him diplomatic immunity from bankruptcy proceedings in Britain.

He argues that, as CAR’s attache to the European Union on sporting, cultural and humanitarian affairs, he is covered by a 1961 convention on diplomatic relations.

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But the African country’s foreign minister, Charles Armel Doubane, was quoted as telling German daily Die Welt that “Boris Becker is not an official diplomat of Central African Republic”.

He said that he would have had to sign a document giving Becker that status, but was never asked to.

Mr Doubane said his country would not obstruct justice in any case against Becker.