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Viagogo advertising over-priced, invalid tickets, ITV News investigation finds

Secondary ticket selling site Viagogo, banned by Ed Sheeran from selling tickets to his shows, has allegedly continued to advertise and facilitate invalid tickets and in some cases even advertised tickets that did not exist, an ITV News investigation has found.

Over the weekend hundreds of thousands of Ed Sheeran fans descended on Wembley Stadium for the latest leg of his world tour, however those who purchased tickets through Viagogo were left waiting outside.

This resulted in huge "Victims of Viagogo" queues outside the gig, full of people who had paid over the odds for their ticket. Many Sheeran fans however had a different problem entirely - their tickets didn't exist.

'Victims of Viagogo' areas have been set up outside Ed Sheeran gigs to help customers who had purchased invalid tickets. Credit: ITV News

Many fans had paid as much as three times the original face value to buy their tickets on Viagogo only to find out on the day of the concert that they didn't exist.

Two teenagers, who had purchased their tickets in November and travelled all the way from Israel, found out upon arrival they had no tickets.

They say they were then instructed by email to pick their tickets up at the Ibis Hotel near Wembley Stadium, between 3pm and 9pm on the day of the concert.

When they arrived they discovered there were no tickets for them - the man they met up with had been unable to find anyone selling any outside the stadium.

Undercover footage filmed by ITV News shows the man who claimed to work for Viagogo alleging that they sent him to the concert to fulfil existing customer orders by buying tickets from street touts on the pavement.

The Viagogo representative had envelopes but no tickets. Credit: PA

A police search recovered 20 empty envelopes - each with a Viagogo order number printed on the outside, and the number of tickets that were supposed to be inside.

Police also recovered a dozen tickets, but on inspection they were found to be invalid - among the thousands of tickets already cancelled by Sheeran's promoters.

Last July Mr Sheeran vowed to take on Viagogo to stop tickets being sold on at inflated prices and as a result promoters cancelled tens of thousands of tickets bought through the site.

In an effort to help those who had been scammed, event promoters set up the 'Victims of Viagogo' area where a dedicated team of people worked throughout the weekend to offer fans advice on how to claim a refund for invalid tickets bought on Viagogo.

Those who had purchased valid tickets were able to enter the venue as planned, however those who purchased from the banned site were directed to the 'Victims of Viagogo' area. Credit: ITV News

Customers were also given the chance to buy new tickets at face value for the gig and on Saturday night alone event staff helped 1,000 people.

Reg Walker, a security expert employed to keep touts away from Ed Sheeran's tour, claimed that Viagogo's actions amount to fraud and said he plans to refer the evidence to the Competition and Markets Authority as well as the police.

Viagogo has failed to respond to the allegations but on their website state that they're a platform that puts buyers and sellers in touch and they guarantee to step in when buyers are let down.