Cyclist sets European speed record on bike with 3D-printed parts

Neil Campbell set a new European cycling speed record (Adam Roberts/PA) Credit: Press Association Images

A 42-year-old architect is celebrating after setting a new European cycling speed record by riding at 135.3mph using an innovative technique in which his bike was initially attached to a car.

Neil Campbell became Europe’s fastest man on two wheels on his £10,000 custom-made bike – which was partly built using 3D-printed parts – at Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire, on Tuesday, event organisers said.

In order to break the previous 127mph record, the cycle, which was built by Moss Bikes, was attached by a cord to the back of a 2017 Porsche Cayenne.

When the car reached a high enough speed the rider was released, before peddling furiously through a 200 metre ‘gate’ in which his speed was recorded.

The successful attempt was the culmination of “over 20 years work by Neil and his team”, organisers said.

Mr Campbell, who holds the record for the British and Commonwealth bicycle speed of 114mph from peddling only, said: “I can’t stress that this is very much a team event, who all have to perform for it to happen.

Neil Campbell behind the Porsche Credit: PA

“The driver in particular is under tremendous pressure.”

Prior to the event, he claimed that he was “fixated by speed” and that he was confident he and his team could achieve the feat.

The successful attempt was supervised and timed by the UK Timing Association.