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Emotional reunion of mother and son separated by Donald Trump's 'zero tolerance' policy at US border

A Guatemalan mother and her son who were separated by the Trump administration's zero-tolerance policy along the southern US border have now been reunited, after more than a month apart.

The two held an emotional reunion early Friday morning at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

Beata Mejia-Mejia and her son Darwin arrived at the US border after a 2,300-mile, three-week journey by foot, from Guatemala.

They were looking to seek asylum from violence and domestic abuse.

Beata Mejia-Mejia and her son Darwin Credit: ITV News

"I started crying when I saw him, because he is the only child I have," Beata told reporters at the airport.

"I thank God because I have him here with me. He is now sad, but nobody is going to separate us again."

Asylum-seekers must go to an official port of entry to enter the US legally, something Mejia-Mejia did not do.

The pair were detained in Arizona and kept apart by officials.

Beata said she had no idea where her seven-year-old son was for more than a month.

The images sparked fury and questions from Republicans about a negative impact on their midterm elections. Credit: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

On Wednesday, President Trump signed an executive order ending the process of separating children from families after they are detained crossing the US border illegally.

It was a dramatic turnaround for Mr Trump, who had been insisting, wrongly, that his administration had no choice but to separate families apprehended at the border because of federal law and a court decision.