Brexit Britain’s corporate exodus

A number of large firms are moving jobs and operations out of the UK amid Brexit fears (Chris Radburn/PA) Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

With Airbus issuing a stark warning over Brexit, here are some other big firms that are shifting jobs and operations out of the UK:

Goldman Sachs – Set to at least double its Frankfurt office to 400 staff through a mix of relocations and local hires, though other EU sites will also be expanded.

HSBC – Plans to move up to 1,000 jobs to France, where it already has a full service universal bank after buying up Credit Commercial de France in 2002.

JP Morgan – Around 1,000 front and back-office roles likely to be relocated from London as part of plans to bulk up a number of EU offices.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch – Intends to relocate up to 125 UK staff to Dublin as part of its Brexit contingency plans.

Morgan Stanley – Understood to have plans to add around 200 staff in Frankfurt through a mix of new hires and relocation, with around 80 staff to be added to the bank’s Paris office.

Jaguar Land Rover is moving production of its Discovery models to Slovakia Credit: Steve Parsons/PA

Jaguar Land Rover – Set to shift all production of its Discovery model to Slovakia from Birmingham in a move likely to affect hundreds of workers, although the car giant has insisted it is not linked to Brexit.

EasyJet – Applied for a new air operator’s certificate (AOC) in Austria to allow it to continue flying in the European Union after Brexit, setting up a headquarters in Vienna.

EeasyJet has applied for a new air operator’s certificate in Austria and is setting up an HQ in Vienna Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA

Siemens – German firm’s boss has warned time is running out to secure a Brexit deal.

Unilever – Moving corporate headquarters to Rotterdam in a major blow to the UK, although it has claimed the decision is not Brexit-related.