Coca-Cola and Morrisons among big brands reporting problems due to CO2 shortage

Morrisons has been forced to suspend delivery of some frozen foods. Credit: PA

A major supermarket, Scotland's biggest pork producer and Britain's best known soft drink manufacturer are the latest to tell us about problems caused by a shortage of CO2.

The gas is used to carbonate and serve drinks. It is also part of the slaughter process in meat production, used to stun livestock. Carbon dioxide is commonly used to package and cool groceries.

There is a shortage because some of the factories that produce it are out of action for maintenance and repairs – just as demand is peaking in the warm weather.

  • Drinks

Coca-Cola tell us they had "paused" some of their production lines due to lack of CO2.

They say there has been "no disruption to supply to date".

Also, some of the largest alcohol brands continue to suffer some availability problems, including Amstel, Kronenbourg and John Smiths.

  • Food

Morrisons supermarket has suspended online deliveries of some frozen foods due to a lack of dry ice, which is made using CO2.

Ocado has already had to stop delivery of frozen foods.

The meat and poultry sectors are also reporting problems.

It has been confirmed that the biggest pork slaughterhouse in Scotland will close on Tuesday afternoon due to lack of CO2.

The gas is used to stun livestock during processing, but there is a growing national shortage.

The plant in Brechin normally handles up to 7,500 pigs a week, but they will now be diverted to alternative facilities.

The company which runs the slaughterhouse, Tulip, says its 60 staff will initially use the downtime for maintenance.

It is working on a contingency plan to move production to Greater Manchester.

Elsewhere in the industry, other firms are now using less of the gas in packaging which is having an impact of the shelf life of some products.