Divided reaction after Piers Morgan calls Jason Cundy a ‘sexist pig’ for saying women should not commentate in World Cup

Cundy’s comments on Good Morning Britain has sparked a debate online. Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain

Tempers flared on Good Morning Britain when former Chelsea footballer Jason Cundy suggested that women should not commentate at the World Cup.

It comes after Vicki Sparks became the first women to commentate at this year’s World Cup.

Cundy told television hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid: “I found it a tough listen if I’m honest. Personal preference – I prefer to hear a male voice when watching football – for 90 minutes of hearing a high-pitched tone isn’t really what I want to hear… it’s just a personal preference.”

Morgan replied: “My only criteria is not that they are male or female – is do they know what they are talking about? Your annoyance appears to be that they have too pitchy voices – even though yours is just as pitchy. Which makes you a sexist pig.”

Cundy defended his opinion saying: “For 90 minutes I would rather, prefer, to listen to a male voice. I consume a lot of football, to listen to that voice. It’s like would you prefer to listen to Ed Sheeran or Celine Dion?”

Cundy’s comments on Good Morning Britain has sparked a debate online.

There was outrage at the former Chelsea footballer’s opinion, calling it an outdated view.

But several have defended Cundy’s opinion – saying although it is an unpopular view, he should still be allowed to air it.