Prince William meets Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on historic visit

Some more history has been made on Prince William’s tour of the Holy Land.

He has met the Palestinian Authority Leader, Mahmoud Abbas.

The Prince travelled from Israel into the Occupied Palestinian Territories on the fourth day of his trip.

Yesterday he was asked by the Israeli President to convey a ‘message of peace’ to the Palestinians which suddenly propelled the Duke of Cambridge into the politics of this region – on a visit which was doing its best to be ‘non-political’.

He’s here to be briefed on the dispute from the Palestinian perspective.

On this side of the border they have a very different view of how things have unfolded since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

During his meeting with the Duke of Cambridge, Mr Abbas wasted no time in using the platform of the royal visit to restate his ambitions for a two state solution with Israel.

The Palestinian leader said: ‘I hope ... that your next visit will be in the state of Palestine when we have our full independence.’

There are still refugee camps here which were set up in the late 1940s when Palestinians either fled or were forced to leave the homes in what is now modern-day Israel.

At one of them, the Jalazone camp, Prince William watched babies being vaccinated.

Some of the mothers said the Duke’s decision to come here showed his ‘solidarity’ with the Palestinian case.

William touring the Al-Jalzoun refugee camp near the West Bank city of Ramallah Credit: AP

At a speech tonight at the British Consulate in Jerusalem, William spoke about his visit to the camp: ‘I saw at Jalazone the tremendous hardships faced by the refugees, and I can only imagine the difficulties of life lived under these conditions, the limited resources and the lack of opportunity.

There were extracts of the speech which were exactly the same as the one he delivered to Israelis yesterday in Tel Aviv.

He’s spending equal time with both sides in what has been a very carefully calibrated trip.