In Pictures: Thousands march in London to celebrate NHS

People march in central London (John Stillwell/PA) Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Tens of thousands of people joined a huge demonstration in central London to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS and call for extra funding for the health service.

Politicians, actors, musicians and union leaders addressed a rally demanding an end to cuts and a halt to privatisation of services.

Nurses, doctors and other health workers joined the protest, timed to mark the 70th anniversary on July 5.

Protesters take aim at Theresa May Credit: John Stillwell/PA
Demonstrators protested against privatisation of services Credit: John Stillwell/PA
Protests in central London Credit: John Stillwell/PA
Thousands filled the streets Credit: John Stillwell/PA
Campaigners called for extra funding for health services Credit: John Stillwell/PA
A cake to mark the occasion Credit: John Stillwell/PA