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World Cup 'predictor' cat Achilles gains celebrity status

A Russian cat dubbed as one of the most accurate 'predictive' animals at this year's World Cup has become something of a celebrity.

Achilles, who lives in St Petersburg's Hermitage Museum, has become so well known after correctly predicting the victor of most of the World Cup matches, he is now recognised on the street.

His new-found fame has not changed him, however, according to his carer Anna Kondratyeva.

Achilles has only made one wrong prediction. Credit: AP

"He doesn't have a big ego. He's an extremely affectionate, very well-behaved cat," she said

The two-year-old feline, who is deaf, predicts the winner by eating out of one of two bowls, each marked with the flag of teams playing a particular match.

He has been wrong only once when he predicted victory for Nigeria against Argentina in the group stage - Argentina won 2-1.