Nervous England fans hopeful ahead of World Cup knockout match against Colombia

Fans from England and Russia take part in a football match in the fan area of Red Square, Moscow (Owen Humphreys/PA) Credit: PA

England will come together later in the hope and expectation that the Three Lions can shrug off the weight of recent history and win a tournament knockout match.

The Harry Kane-led team face Colombia in the final match of a World Cup round of 16 that has seen many of the favourites and world’s best players – Lionel Messi’s Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal – sent packing.

For England fans who made the journey to Moscow, there was confidence but also nerves.

At home, estates and pubs bedecked with flags were getting ready in the hope of a huge celebration to rival the scenes witnessed in Russia after the country’s famous penalty win against Spain.

England’s record in knockout football is poor, going without a win since beating Ecuador in the World Cup in 2006.

Matt Smith, 28, from Burnley, was in Moscow for the game and was confident of seeing an England win.

The Burnley fan, who has attended every Three Lions game so far, said: “It’ll be tougher than everyone expects – they’ve got some really good individual players and as we’ve seen by the opening fixtures in the round of 16 so far, anything can happen.

“We’ve just got to concentrate on doing the job and focus, really.

“Now that the round of 16 started, it’s started to look like there is no better route.

England face Colombia in the final match of a World Cup round of 16. Credit: PA

“Before the round of 16 you would have said we wanted this half of the draw – you are talking Switzerland and Sweden being your biggest competition.

“I suppose it’s worked out alright and we’re still going to win it.”

Many England fans expressed nerves on Twitter.

Chris Dowse, 39, who lives on the Kirby Estate in Bermondsey, south London, said television crews would descend on the place, which has been covered with hundreds of St George’s Cross flags as well as a few Colombian tricolours.

Fans from England and Russia take part in a football match in Red Square, Moscow. Credit: PA

He said: “I can guarantee u the Colombians will b out in force & the English will still b tucked up in bed !!”

Mike Coombes tweeted: “Today is monumental. Butterflies already. No fear, Lions … It’s actually coming home, isn’t it!?”

Mark Heelis, from Abingdon, said: “Matchday. Flag up in the garden. Bag of nerves already and theres still 11 hours to kickoff. Huge, huge game but whatever happens we can be proud to have our #ThreeLions⁠ back – it’s exciting to watch @England again! Do us proud.”

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