Theresa May admits she has 'developed her view' on LGBT issues

Theresa May has "developed her view" on LGBT issues, she told ITV News, and wants to "be seen as an ally of the LGBT community here in the UK".

Apologising for the way she has sometimes voted on gay rights in the past, the Prime Minister admitted that she was taken aback by responses to the government's survey of LGBT people, published today.

She promised a ban on so-called gay conversion therapy, calling it an "abhorrent practice".

As a Christian, she said that she had never prayed for someone to change their sexuality and that she was "shocked that it is still going on".

The Prime Minister was clear that she wants to "de-medicalise" the process of changing someone's gender, meaning a doctor would no longer need to be involved in the process.

She told ITV News: "I know there are strong opinions that are held on this issue.

"But we need to make sure we de-medicalise this and improve the process so that it isn't so bureaucratic, so intrusive and so difficult for people."

Asked whether she was worried about men who identify as women going into female changing rooms, she said: "No, but I recognise that there are those that are. And I think this is the important thing.

"For those who are worried about it, it is right that we listen to them as we take this forward."