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'The time I found Harry Kane in my kitchen' - meet the 14-year-old with a special connection to England's captain

Millions of fans will be cheering on the names of England's football team when they face Sweden in the World Cup on Saturday - but for some those reasons go beyond sport.

One of those rallying behind Harry Kane will be 14-year-old Charlie Milne, who once found the Three Lions captain in her kitchen.

Charlie remembers the time well, when 24-year-old Kane stood there helping her with the dishes.

"Seeing where he is now and back then is still amazing," Charlie told ITV News.

"For him to come round to my house, talk with him and then have him help me do the laundry was an incredible experience."

The fourteen-year-old said it was surreal meeting the England captain.

That surprise visit to Charlie's home in north London was organised by the England Footballers Foundation.

The charity uses donated match fees to support causes close to the hearts of the England squad.

For many years, Charlie has acted as a carer for her mum, Jackie, whose back problems make housework increasingly difficult.

Charlie acts as a carer for her mum who has back difficulties.

Having met Kane makes him playing in the World Cup even more special for Charlie's family.

Her mum, Jackie, said: "The whole world knows him - everybody knows him. I'm sure he can't walk down a street without being recognised.

"And he's been sat here in our kitchen... a more normal guy you couldn't meet."

The family are confident Kane will be the star man as England look to book themselves a place in the World Cup semi-final.

Read more about the England Footballers Foundation here.

Jackie said Kane was 'just a normal guy'.