Theresa May is stronger and weaker from Cabinet resignations

I never thought I would see the day when a Prime Minister would suffer the resignations of two of her four most powerful ministers, both quitting because they hate her most important policy, and she would emerge stronger.

But in these strangest of political times, that is what has happened.

The point is that next week the Remainer rebels in her party are certain to withdraw the amendments they put down to the Customs and Trade bills, which would have compelled her to keep the UK in a customs union with the EU and to nudge her towards membership of the European single market - which are anathema to her.

They are rallying to her side precisely because the resignations of Davis and Johnson have recast the Remainers as her friends and turned the spotlight on a different enemy within - namely the True Brexiters and the European Research Group, led by Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The Remainers’ calculation is that if JRM and the Brexiter Tories - and Johnson and Davis - hate her Chequers’ plan for Brexit quite so much, there must be a lot going for it.

So if she faces a crisis next week, it won't be because she is defeated on the trade and customs bills. That will not happen.

The Cabinet held a meeting on Tuesday. Credit: Theresa May

But there is likely to be a different and arguably more serious crisis, which is that up to around 80 of her Brexiter MPs could show in the voting lobbies - if they can table relevant amendments - how much they detest her Chequers plan.

They won't succeed in frustrating that plan. At least not yet.

But they would show how they put what they see as the national interest ahead of the Tory party's interest.

As one of them said to me this morning, "the PM seems to be relying on the support of Corbyn and Labour to push through plans that would undermine British sovereignty as much if not more than staying in the EU.

"If she does that, she will split the Tory party."

Make no mistake, as I have been saying, we are living through history.