How the Brexiters revolt will play out, probably

Theresa May could be facing further resignations from her government. Credit: PA

This is how it will go.

T May will suffer the drip-drip for days of further resignations from government and party by True Brexiters disappointed with her Chequers plan for the UK's future relationship with the EU.

The Brexiters will then dissect Thursday's 100-page White Paper on the minutiae of her plans to enforce EU rules for goods and food production and consumption, and to collect EU tariffs - and will "prove" through the medium of legal exegesis that she is betraying the result of the referendum, that she is turning us into an EU "colony" (in Johnson's inflammatory depiction).

Then, next week, the former foreign secretary will presumably give the resignation speech in the Commons, to which he is entitled, and call for the yeomen and yeowomen of Merrie England (and Britain) to turn ploughshares into swords and repulse this subjugation by Brussels at the hands of their vassals in Whitehall and Downing Street.

The Prime Minister was forced to undergo a Cabinet reshuffle this week. Credit: PA

Here is the voice of the Brexit rebels (one of them):

"What Barwell [May's chief of staff] is doing is unprecedented and won't be forgotten or forgiven. Never would a Labour gov behave in that way.

"There is a real sense of betrayal and anger.

"We are not the clapping seals who were in the '22 [meeting of backbenchers with PM]. There are enough of us who are old and ugly enough to make a difference! The common rule book is the EU rule book. ‘Not vast sums of money’ [paid to EU budget] means we will still pay very large sums of money. The Chequers deal is a pig in lipstick".

When Trump says Britain is in turmoil, few would agree. If he had said May's government is in turmoil, almost no one could dissent.