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Thai boy who had birthday in cave to get 'as big a cake as he wants' when reunited with family

A Thai boy who spent his birthday trapped inside a cave with 11 of his teammates is to get "as big a cake as he wants" when he's finally reunited with his family, his grandmother has told ITV News.

Dom, who was pictured smiling in the cave the day before his 13th birthday, was one of the first to safely emerge from the cave after over two weeks, but, like the rest of the boys, he has been kept in quarantine to protect against infection.

His grandmother Kameuy Promtep told ITV News he'll be able to celebrate his birthday whenever he is released from hospital and said "it doesn't matter how much the party costs".

Kameuy Promtep (standing) was ecstatic to find out her grandson Dom was safe. Credit: ITV News

New footage has emerged from inside hospital of the group sitting upright and chatting to medical staff behind their protective masks as others remain lying down in their hospital beds.

Meanwhile, new footage of the immensely difficult task undertaken by Thai Navy SEALs of rescuing the team, has also been released.

The boys have yet to be reunited with their families. Credit: AP

The video from inside the cave shows rescue teams carrying the stretchers that helped transport the boys and their football coach to safety and neck deep in yellow-tinged murky water.

Thai PM Prayuth Chan-ocha confirmed the youngsters were given anti-anxiety drugs to calm their nerves before being brought out of the cave.

The teammates had become trapped in the cave on June 23 and were finally extracted by experienced divers including a British man who told ITV News he was "over the moon" with the outcome.

The international rescue team included seven British divers. Credit: Thai Navy SEALs

Health officials said two of the boys who arrived at the hospital had contracted lung infections but were receiving medicine.

All of the group, who were brought to safety over three days, lost weight but had water while they were trapped and were in good health.

Dom, who is the captain of his football team, has been joining his footy mad teammates in catching up with the World Cup whilst in isolation, where they have the TV on full blast.