77% of British public have an unfavourable view of Donald Trump, ITV Tonight poll finds

On Thursday, Donald Trump told reporters: “I think they like me a lot in the UK.” Credit: PA

A poll conducted by YouGov for ITV Tonight has revealed that three quarters of the British population have an unfavourable view of US president Donald Trump.

It found that only one in five Brits have confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May’s ability to negotiate with him.

While half of the British public believe that he should not meet the Queen.

Speaking to ITV’s Tonight programme, a range of leading politicians, business leaders and academics have given their views on the US president.

  • Nigel Farage, former UKIP leader

“Trump is a half-British American President. Can we please get that into our minds?

“Trump’s relationship with May is something that I think he looked forward to with optimism and hope. And he’s now very disappointed.

“What Emmanuel Macron has done is very clever. He’s developed a personal relationship with the President. If there’s a little bit of human chemistry, there you’ve got a chance.”

  • Germaine Greer, writer

Germaine Greer believes we shouldn't just single out Trump for misogynous comments. Credit: PA

“Misogyny is rampant, it’s ubiquitous. Why single Trump out?

“I like what’s happening to the American political establishment. It is being brought hard up against its own inadequacy."

“That’s what democracy is boys and girls. It’s everybody out there having a vote, and if you think they’ve got to agree with you, you are simply wrong.”

  • Alex Salmond, former First Minister of Scotland

Alex Salmond does not trust Donald Trump to not make a fair deal for the UK. Credit: PA

“You can’t cosy up to him because you’ll be contaminated by whatever daft thing he does next.

“He regards himself as the greatest dealmaker on the planet.Now that’s a slight exaggeration in Trumpian terms, but it’s not a total exaggeration.

“Try to do a deal with him… If he’s in a position of strength which he would be – the UK will get taken to the cleaners.”

  • Lord Alan Sugar, businessman

Lord Sugar believes that Trump is doing what is only good for America. Credit: PA

“He’s got a fragile ego, there’s no question of it. I mean the thing that he needs to learn in my opinion is to stop reacting to criticism.

“He wakes up thinking about what’s good for America and in that sense American people think he’s a great man. He doesn’t think what’s good for the rest of the world.”