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Anti-Trump protesters in Windsor: We feel sorry for Queen having to host

Armed police in Windsor ahead of US president Donald Trump’s visit (Steve Parsons/PA) Photo: PA Wire/PA Images

Anti-Donald Trump protesters have sympathised with the Queen for having to host the US president for tea at Windsor Castle.

While London had the Trump blimp, Windsor saw demonstrators holding a sea of colourful placards with one saying: “Beware Ma’am He’s a Sociopath”.

Around a hundred protesters gathered close to the walls of Windsor Castle hoping to catch a glimpse of the president when he arrives later and make their feelings known.

Jenni Collins, 36, said: “It’s important to show up and show that we’re upset we’re engaging with Trump, and have put him on this level of pomp and ceremony.

“I especially feel for the poor old Queen having to have him to tea.”

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Holding a homemade placard which said “Equality Diversity No Trump For Tea!” she added: “It’s the level of lies and distortion he puts out of his mouth and is picked up and taken as truth I find most disturbing, and obviously his stance against diversity, equality, racism and immigration.”

The police presence within Windsor has grown steadily through the day with officers wearing high visibility jackets stood in prominent positions and armed police patrolling the streets.

Earlier a police boat was spotted patrolling the nearby River Thames while the banks of the waterway opposite the castle was searched.

Protesters on Parliament Green in London Credit: Victoria Jones/PA

Beverley Williams, 40, said about Trump: “He’s a dangerous character and I think it’s important we show we’re not comfortable with the way he is – he’s got some dangerous views.”

She also had a royal-themed placard which read “Off With His Head”, the 40-year-old added: “I think it would have been a very bold move not to get him over here, because we rely on the US for trade.

“But I’m glad it’s not a full state visit because he doesn’t deserve that level of care, I thought Blenheim Place was a bit over the top, I also feel sorry for the Queen because she’s got to meet him.”