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The 'most British' signs at the Trump protest in London

A creative play on Mary Poppins... Photo: PA

Only the British could put the boot in to a sitting US president in such a polite manner as thousands took to the streets to protest Donald Trump's UK visit.

There are several taking place nationwide on Friday with the main demonstration taking place in London where 50,000 people are expected.

The protest isn't just filled with NSFW signs - several are choosing to show their disapproval in a most British way.

This cute sign plays on the much larger, six-metre baby blimp that was erected on Friday morning. Credit: PA
How would you vote? Credit: PA
Using the president's catchphrase against him. Credit: PA
Girls just wanna have fun... damental rights. Credit: PA
Another Mary Poppins-inspired sign ending in, 'you are atrocious'. Credit: PA
Unforgivable. Credit: PA
The US president will be meeting the Queen on Friday afternoon - good luck to him. Credit: PA
Possibly slightly mean but this sign plays on the pair's often cold-on-camera relationship. Credit: PA
Trump's hair has always been a source of fun and this time is no different. Credit: PA
Two simple messages: I am most concerned and this is terribly upsetting. Credit: PA
The US president is accused of anti-women comments - it is certain an elephant in the room. Credit: PA
Eric Cartman or Donald Trump? Credit: PA
Is Trump a faker? Credit: ITV News
A cuter but clear message - impeach. Credit: PA
Trump claimed that many in the UK like him - apparently not this woman. Credit: PA
We've all had a bad day at the office. Credit: PA
Three corkers in one picture. Credit: PA
A plain message against Trump's controversial immigration policy.
Another zinger playing on Trump's hair. Credit: PA