In Pictures: Which previous presidents have met the Queen?

The Queen meets Jimmy Carter at Buckingham Palace (PA) Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Donald Trump will meet the Queen for the second time on Monday during his state visit.

The US President previously met the Queen in July during a working visit.

Mr Trump is the 12th US president the Queen has met.

The Queen met Barack Obama and his wife Michelle at Windsor Castle in April 2016 Credit: John Stillwell/PA
Her Majesty with George W Bush in June 2008 Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA
With Bill Clinton in December 2000 Credit: John Stillwell/PA
The Queen welcomed George Bush Snr in 1989 Credit: Martin Keene/PA
Riding with Ronald Reagan in 1982 Credit: Ron Bell/PA
Jimmy Carter was one of six world leaders who was a guest at a State Dinner in 1977 Credit: PA
The Queen with Gerald Ford during a visit to Washington in 1976 Credit: PA
Richard Nixon came over in October 1970 Credit: PA
The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh welcomed John F Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline in June 1961 Credit: PA
With Dwight D Eisenhower in summer 1959 Credit: PA
Harry Truman with Princess Elizabeth in Washington in November 1951 Credit: PA