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In Pictures: Celebration and chaos as rioters clash with police after France win World Cup 2018 final

A huge screening of the World Cup final played at the Eiffel Tower. Credit: AP

Fans are celebrating France's impressive World Cup win as they beat Croatia 4-2 in Moscow.

This is only the second time the French have won the title, bringing supporters of their national team out in force to honour the occasion.

Here are some of the best pictures from the win.

Football fans took their celebration to the streets after their nation claimed the World Cup.

A huge street party is underway on the Champs Elysees in France. Credit: AP
The crowd went wild as France scored their fourth goal against Croatia. Credit: AP
French fans cheered the players on at the Arc de Triomphe. Credit: PA
French President Emmanuel Macron punches the air in celebration as France take home the title. Credit: AP
Lively street parties are set to continue throughout the night. Credit: AP
Didier Deschamps became the third man ever to win the World Cup as a player and a manager. Credit: PA
Giroud and Rami celebrate after winning 4-2 against Croatia. Credit: AP
Mbappe kissed the trophy in celebration after the win. Credit: AP

But in the aftermath of the celebrations, chaos ensued as violence erupted across the capital's streets.

Protester kicking a tear gas canister thrown by riot police during clashes on the Champs Champs Elysees avenue. Credit: AP
Rioters storm store fronts. Credit: PA
Police face protesters on the streets. Credit: PA
Rioters throw projectiles at police. Credit: PA