Bodycam footage shows police officer shooting at murder suspects through windscreen

In footage that could be straight from a Hollywood movie, a police officer is seen chasing two murder suspects around Las Vegas before shooting at them through his patrol car windscreen.

Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer William Umana had been pursuing two murder suspects on July 11 when a shootout ensued.

During the shootout, in which 60 shots were exchanged between suspects and police, Umuna can be seen firing out of his side window before aiming straight through his own windscreen - at one point he even takes both hands off the steering wheel.

The chase eventually ends with the suspects crashing their vehicle and Umuna fatally shooting one suspect who had tried to reverse the car toward police.

The other suspect, who tried to flee the scene by running into the school, was arrested and now faces multiple charges including murder.

Police say both men were armed and under pursuit after allegedly shooting and killing a man at a car wash.