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Anger as video emerges showing Gareth Southgate underground sign being ripped down

Southgate Tube was rebranded to celebrate the England manager’s successful World Cup campaign. Photo: PA

Video has been posted online showing a member of the public ripping down a Tube sign at the temporarily renamed Gareth Southgate station.

On Monday, Transport for London (TfL) announced that Southgate Tube station will be rebranded Gareth Southgate for 48 hours to celebrate the England manager’s successful World Cup campaign.

Southgate guided a youthful England team to fourth place in Russia - their best result since they also lost in the semi-final at Italia 90.

The rebranded Tube signs were due to be removed overnight Tuesday, but video shows a woman pulling down a sign – much to the annoyance of those on Twitter.

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Craig Walker tweeted: “Someone track this woman down and give her a stern telling off!”

TfL replied to the tweet saying, “I've spoken with station staff they have confirmed all Gareth Southgate signage was supposed to have been taken down last night anyway.”

The station has now returned to its usual name. Credit: PA

Mark Wild, TfL’s London Underground managing director, explained the rebranding on Monday: “The great performance of the England team this summer brought people of all ages together in celebration.

“We’re delighted to be able to show our appreciation to Gareth and the team by renaming the station in his honour.

“This is another great example of how we, and brands, can work creatively together.”