Toblerone to go back to original design and scrap the gaps after struggle to convince fans

Toblerone is to revert back to its original design after its latest incarnation failed to convince fans - but there will be a significant price hike.

The current design, which features wide gaps between its distinctive triangular chunks, was met with dismay when it was introduced in 2016.

Now Toblerone's maker, Mondelez International, has admitted the re-design was not the "perfect long-term answer" for consumers.

Toblerone will soon look like this again. Credit: PA

Toblerone will go back to its original look and increase in weight from 150g to 200g.

According to The Guardian, the new 200g could cost as much as £3, which is equivalent to almost a 200% increase on the 150g price tag.

Jaffa Cakes dropped in size from 12 to 10 per pack. Credit: PA

When it first changed the bar, Mondelez said it was due to the higher cost of ingredients.

But fans did not take well to the gappy design, with some even comparing it to a bike rack.

Toblerone has not been the only confectionery company in recent years to change the size or shape of its products owing to cost.

Both Jaffa Cakes and Maltesers have undergone change, with the latter reducing in weight from 121g to 103g.