The remarkable photos of Athens evacuation as the air turns orange

Smoke fills the sky near Athens (Thanassis Stavrakis/AP) Credit: AP/Press Association Images

Two major forest fires are raging out of control on either side of the Greek capital, burning up to 100 houses and prompting residents to flee, resulting in some incredible photographs.

The first fire broke out in a pine forest near the seaside settlement of Kineta, 30 miles west of Athens.

A local wears a snorkel amid the smoke. Credit: AP

At least 150 firefighters were on the scene while five water-dropping planes and seven helicopters helped to fight the blaze from the air. Reinforcements were sent from across Greece.

Plane tries put the fire out by dropping water. Credit: AP

The second major fire broke out on Monday afternoon in the Penteli area north east of Athens.

Local authorities said they were evacuating children’s summer camps, while dozens of homes and cars were reportedly destroyed.

Smoke rises above Athens. Credit: PA

At least three aircraft and a helicopter were battling the flames, along with at least 50 firefighters, the fire department said.

The coast guard was sending at least one patrol boat to rescue people who called to say the fire had trapped them on a beach.

A motorcyclist looks on. Credit: AP

The fire was burning into Rafina, with the sky above the nearby port that serves ferries to some of the Cycladic islands, turning black from the smoke. The highway to the nearby town of Marathon was closed to traffic.

A man stands in the smoke. Credit: AP

Rafina Mayor Vangelis Bournous said he believed about 100 houses in the area had been burned.

Gale force winds with strong, shifty gusts were hampering firefighting efforts at both blazes.