Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers on why being the first black Miss Universe Great Britain challenges the 'idea of beauty'

Dee-Ann Rogers, 25, will represent Great Britain in the Miss Universe competition in December.
  • By ITV News Multimedia Producer Nitya Rajan

The first woman of colour to be crowned Miss Universe Great Britain has spoken out about why her win challenges current standards of beauty.

Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers, 25, says she has received a positive response after becoming the first black woman to clinch the title in the pageant's 66-year history.

Speaking to ITV News she said: "I believe my win should directly contradict the statement that beauty pageants propel one idea of beauty, because when you are a representation of a beauty standard, sometimes you have to challenge it or it has to become wider so that more people can see themselves reflected in that standard."

The law student, who is set to graduate this summer, explained how confidence "drilled" in to her by family members since a young age has helped her apply herself to not only the Miss Universe Great Britain competition but also compete in the Commonwealth games.

Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers has competed twice in the Commonwealth games.

Urging young women to try pageantry regardless of their background, she said: "Go after it, your skin is your skin, your face is your face, your body is your body, your mind is your mind.

"Your mind is your most beautiful part of you and that's what you should be harnessing and pushing forward and using."

The 25-year-old winner of Miss Universe Great Britain is now urging other young women to try pageantry regardless of their cultural background.