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Boy, 12, with severe cerebral palsy writes book using just eye movements

A severally disabled 12-year-old boy has written a book - despite only being able to communicate using his eyes.

Jonathan Bryan was born with cerebral palsy so severe that doctors said he would never be able to communicate.

But he has now found his voice - and he is using it to tell his story, and that of children like him.

Jonathan uses eye movements over a spelling board. Credit: ITV News

Jonathan uses eye movements over a spelling board to communicate. Every word is an effort for him, but this has not stopped him penning his memoir: Eye Can Write: A memoir of a child’s silent soul emerging.

The book has already won a famous fan, War Horse author - and Jonathan's literary hero - Michael Morpurgo - who has written the forward to the book.

Michael Morpurgo has written the forward to Jonathan's memoir. Credit: ITV News

Mr Morpurgo told ITV News: "It is rare to meet a spirit that has just emerged if you like, it's like a shell has opened up and the sunshine is shining on him and he's found his voice and it's fresh and it's important.

Jonathan says he is a "voice for the voiceless" and is now campaigning for better education for children like him, setting up a charity called Teach Us Too.

His mother, Chantal Bryan, said: "He feels strongly that he's speaking up for people who don't yet have their voice."