Donald Trump meets Jean-Claude Juncker at White House for crunch trade talks

Juncker met Trump at the White House to discuss trade tariffs. Credit: AP

President Donald Trump has met with the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, at the White House for talks aimed at averting an all out EU-US trade war.

Prior to the summit, the president, in typical Trump fashion, fired off a warning shot to the EU by declaring on Twitter that "Trade tariffs are the greatest", something that may worry Mr Juncker.

The president has threatened to add 20% duty on EU vehicles entering America in retaliation to the EU's new tariffs on typical American products such as bourbon, peanut butter and orange juice.

The EU's latest tariffs came in response to worldwide duty imposed by the US president that added 25% onto steel imports and 10% on aluminium imports.

American and China are currently embroiled in what could be described as a trade war, with Beijing filing a World Trade Organisation (WTO) challenge to Trump’s latest tariff threat, and Juncker hopes talks will mean the EU can avoid being in the same position.

China filed their complaint to the WTO after the US Trade Representative proposed 10% tariffs on a 200 billion-dollar (£151 billion) list of Chinese goods.

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