In Pictures: Get back! Paul McCartney rocks the Cavern Club once more

Sir Paul McCartney performing at the free gig (Sam Rock/MPL) Credit: Press Association Images

It may have been about 57 years since Sir Paul McCartney first played the Cavern Club, but Liverpool’s love for the former Beatle is as strong as ever.

When the music legend announced he would be playing a free concert at the club that is credited with being the birthplace of the Beatles, fans queued to get one of the limited spots in the audience.

Sir Paul played old favourites as well as songs from his new album Credit: Sonny McCartney/MPL/PA
At one stage he paused mid-song to ask fans to stop taking photos as it was putting him off Credit: Sonny McCartney/MPL/PA
Fans queued at the Echo Arena box office for the chance of a spot in the audience Credit: Peter Byrne/PA
It was the first time since 1999 Sir Paul has returned to the club Credit: Peter Byrne/PA
About 270 people were able to attend Credit: Peter Byrne/PA
Some fans had the chance to grab free tickets Credit: Peter Byrne/PA