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Eat, Shop, Save: The Bassetts

The first episode of Eat, Shop, Save series two sees The Bassett family from Barnard Castle tackle their takeaway addiction Photo: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

The Bassetts are made up of mum Fiona, dad Dan and their two daughters Jessica and Amy.

The biggest problem in this household is the way the families diet revolves around Dan’s serious takeaway addiction - which costs A LOT of, not only ‘cash pounds’ but ‘weight pounds’, too.

“I do like a good kebab. I’m not going to lie. I could eat a kebab every single night, a kebab’s exciting every time you eat one.”

– Dan

Now, not only does dialing for a takeaway multiple times a week cost them serious weight gain but it’s hurting the ‘cash pounds’, too and this is a family who cannot afford to be splashing the cash.

They’re currently saving for a new pushchair for their daughter, Amy who has down-syndrome and can’t walk too far on her own. Since she grew out of her last one, the family have been struggling to get the cash together for the expensive upgrade.

Enter Ranvir and her team of Eat, Shop, Save experts

We want to show them how to cook simple healthy food to replace the junk, but chef and nutritionist, Dale Pinnock has his work cut out.

A typical day for Dan is:

  • a breakfast of 4 bags of crisps and a chocolate bar
  • lunch is 3 different pies and more crisps
  • the family’s favourite evening meal is Doner kebab meat and chips.

Not only is a diet like that made up of a shed load of calories, but it’s also ultra-processed meaning it’s been made in a factory and a million miles away from ingredients you would use if you were cooking from scratch.

In the episode, Dale shows the family how to turn their favourite takeaway - the kebab - into a healthy, home cooked alternative.

How else to save on a take away addiction

So we’ve got the health part covered, but what about all the money they’re spending? The family are burning £60 a week on their kebab craving and with the pushchair coming in at £800, we think that’s a pretty obvious way to cut back and save up - find out what savvy shopper, Kate Hardcastle has up her sleeve for them.

Last but not least…it’s The Last Bassett Standing

The Bassetts are not unlike many other families up and down the UK and their fitness levels have been neglected due to their busy schedule.

But this is a family who would love to spend quality time together as well as get fitter, so personal trainer Tom Pitfield has come up with a genius way to kill two birds at the same time with his game: The Last Bassett Standing.

Tune in to Eat, Shop, Save will air this evening (26th July) on ITV at 7:30pm, so make sure you tune in to find out more.

Can Dale Pinnock shake up their dodgy diet and replace it for some healthy alternatives? Credit: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

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