Facebook slammed for censoring nude art as adult content

Facebook has been slammed for censoring 400-year-old art work containing nudity.

Tourism officials in Belgium noticed the platform's censorship at work after posts including certain paintings by Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens had been blocked on Facebook.

In response the Visit Flanders tourist board staged a mock raid on an art gallery preventing visitors from seeing nudity in the Rubens House museum.

Visitors confronted by fake 'fbi' agents escorting them away from artwork in the Rubens House museum. Credit: AP

During the raid, which was captured on video, a mock agent was seen to be standing in front of the Rubens' Adam and Eve painting blocking people from seeing it.

Flemish Tourist Board Spokeswoman, Tama D'haen, said: "We realised that some of our posts were blocked by Facebook because of the nudity that was included in the paintings and the images that we used.

"So, it was not once, it happened quite often and I think that almost 20 per cent of the posts that we created have been blocked, so 20 per cent of the posts that we dedicated on the Flemish masters couldn't be shown to our audience, our cultural audience worldwide."

In a statement Facebook responded: "We are thus currently reviewing our approach to nudity in paintings in ads on Facebook."