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Brits bask in the melting sun on Furnace Friday

Diving into the cool pond waters head first to cool down. Credit: PA

A well-known fact for everyone in the UK - it's really really hot!

We've all experienced these hot weather conditions - from leaving the train/bus with buckets of sweat, buying an ice-cream and it melts instantly as well as the unbearable heat when leaving a cool air-conditioned area.

Even the UK - hotter than Greece, China and California is trending and has owned its hashtag #FurnaceFriday - although it won't last too long with weather warnings for storms issued by the Met Office.

However, here's how the UK is celebrating Furnace Friday before the storms are set to strike!

Mother Roseanne Dowling enjoys the sun with Kieran, 14 and nine-year-old Emilie at Ilkley Lido in Yorkshire. Credit: PA
A European Brown bear cools off in the pool in her enclosure at the Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire. Credit: PA
George Cartwright (left) and Alex Hodgkins enjoy the sun at Ilkley Lido in Yorkshire. Credit: PA
Alex Hodgkins swims under water after diving into Ilkley Lido in Yorkshire. Credit: PA
A soaking horse cooled down with water. Credit: PA
Tourists take a photo in the blazing sun from the Millennium Bridge in London. Credit: PA
Cooling down from the sun by jumping into the pond. Credit: PA
Olivia Batty taking a dip and swimming underwater. Credit: PA
A beach in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex proving to be a popular hot spot during the heatwave. Credit: PA
Tourists from Belgium enjoying a dip in the fountains in Trafalgar Square. Credit: PA
A woman sunbathing in St Paul's Cathedral Churchyard Gardens in London as the heatwave continues in parts of the UK. Credit: PA
People making the most out of the beaches in the UK. Credit: PA
People cooling off from the sun and relaxing outside. Credit: PA
People enjoy cooling off in the sea at Clacton-on-Sea in Essex. Credit: PA
A woman relaxes in the sun in London, as the heatwave continues in parts of the UK, with forecasted highs of 37C. Credit: PA
Queuing up to jump in and cool off at a pond in the UK. Credit: PA
Catching the sun and enjoying the hot weather on the beach at Clacton-on-Sea in Essex. Credit: PA
People catching the rays on a beach in Broadstairs, Kent. Credit: PA
People in London sun-bathing and dipping into the pond near Hampstead Heath, London. Credit: PA

But this weather will soon take a drastic turn as the Met Office have issued an amber weather warning for thunderstorms for the eastern England.

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