Romanian man who performed a U-turn on M20 after leaving the Channel Tunnel jailed

The accident happened on the M20 near the Channel Tunnel (PA) Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

A motorist has been jailed after he drove the wrong way up the M20 and U-turned on the carriageway before trying to flee.

Adrian Leu, from Romania was spotted by officers from Kent Police as he carried out the dangerous manoeuvre soon after arriving in the UK via the Channel Tunnel on June 12.

The 43-year old was sentenced to 12 months in prison after he decided to drive back towards the check-in area.

A force spokesman said: “Leu had just entered the UK via the Channel Tunnel and mistakenly drove back into the tunnel check-in area instead of heading out on to the M20.

“To correct his mistake he turned around at check-in where he collided with a lorry and then continued down the slip road at junction 11 in the wrong direction.

“His hazardous manoeuvre meant he was facing oncoming and fast-moving traffic.

“Two Kent Police officers from the Channel Tunnel policing unit who were driving nearby witnessed the incident and pulled over to try and stop Leu.

“However he ignored the warning and continued to travel in the wrong direction, moving on to the hard shoulder to avoid the police.

Adrian Leu, 43, from Romania who was caught doing a dangerous U-turn on the M20 Credit: Kent Police/PA

“The court heard how he then performed a dangerous turn where he crossed three lanes of fast-moving traffic and forced two other drivers to brake sharply in order to avoid a collision. Leu was then driving in the right direction and continued towards the coast.

“Officers soon caught up with him just past junction 12 and he was arrested and charged with dangerous driving.”

Leu pleaded guilty to the charge at Canterbury Crown Court, where he was given the prison sentence.

Leu pleaded guilty to the charge at Canterbury Crown Court. Credit: PA

He was also banned from driving for two years and three months and will have to take an extended driving test.

Detective Constable James Hatton-Browne said: “Leu’s actions were extremely dangerous and could have caused a serious collision, even fatal injury.

“He ignored police officers when they tried to stop him and continued to show no thought for the safety of others as he sped away from them and cut across moving traffic to try and correct his mistake.

“His hazardous driving could have led to serious consequences and it’s extremely lucky that he didn’t hurt himself or anyone else.”