Eight-year-old double amputee Daisy-May Demetre proves 'anything is possible' as she becomes face of River Island

An eight-year-old double amputee is chasing her dreams and proving "anything is possible" after being chosen as the face of River Island girls' wear range.

Daisy-May Demetre from Birmingham, who had both of her legs amputated when she was only 18 months old, was signed up to a modelling agency, with a difference, in October last year.

Daisy is currently featured on the River Island website modelling the sportswear range. Credit: River Island
Daisy-May started modelling with Zebedee Management in October 2017. Credit: Mini Mode Emma Wright
The director for Zebedee, Zoe Proctor says Daisy is a wonderful example to us all. Credit: David Handley
Daisy-May Demetre from Birmingham had both of her legs amputated when she was 18 months old. Credit: Zebedee Management/Victoria Baker

Her father, Alex Demetre said his daughter has been a huge inspiration to him and has even stopped him from "drinking and gambling."

Alex added: "She has inspired me personally and due to her operations it was very traumatic, I turned to drink and gambling to take my mind away from thinking about the future. But watching her fight back has got me to stop drinking and gambling, not by seeing a professional but seeing how inspiring she is."

Daisy's father explained her disability has not stopped the youngster from striving towards her goals.

He said: "So now we go to the gym together and use that to help other people who may need it. It's our personal journey to do this together and if I die, I know she can achieve anything with me in her ear telling her that anything is possible, if she wanted to become a astronaut we would find a way to do it."

Daisy enjoys training with her dad at the gym. Credit: David Handley

Alex said his daughter is also inspiring lots of people on social media.

"She will be the most influential inspiring double amputee to have ever lived, the support we get through Instagram from other disabled and non disabled people is what we are about, helping to put smiles on faces and inspire people to push and follow your dreams," he said.

Daisy-May regularly shares inspirational posts on Instagram and has amassed thousands of followers.

The schoolgirl started modelling with Zebedee Management in October 2017 - the agency supplies diverse models and 'offers sensitive representation'.

The director for Zebedee Zoe Proctor said Daisy has worked with some of the biggest children's fashion brands in the UK and they are currently in talks with some international labels for her.

Zoe added: "She is a wonderful example to us all that no matter what life throws your way we can choose to make the best of it, that life is fragile and can be short so live everyday the best you can."

Daisy hopes to inspire people on a global scale. Credit: River Island

Alex said his daughter wants to continue modelling: "For now she wants to be a model so for us it's to achieve the goal to put her into a position that she was born to do - inspire people on a global scale we are just getting started."