’s repeated use of Jess Glynne song leads to complaints

Jess Glynne’s song Hold My Hand is annoying some passengers (Isabel Infantes/PA) Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

An airline’s repeated use of a 2015 pop song has led to a number of complaints.

Passengers are expressing frustration at’s use of Jess Glynne’s hit Hold My Hand on flights.

Music instructor Eilidh Brian from Aberdeen wrote on Twitter: “That Jess Glynne song still haunts my nightmares after flying to Palma with Jet2. Worst thing was you couldn’t put on headphones til the seatbelt sign was off and they kept playing it.”

Alison Connell added: “The worst thing about flying with jet 2 is having to hear jess glynne about 6 times.”

The official video of the upbeat song on YouTube has also attracted comments criticising its use by the airline.

A man with the username Falcon Lover wrote: “I flew with jet 2 a few months back and this song was played like 30 times before take off and another 30 times after landing.”

Steve Perry claimed “bloody jet 2 have spoilt this song” while Eddie Ruiz said it was “played on a Jet2 flight over and over again for an entire hour!!”.

In May last year the carrier announced it was extending its “popular Hold My Hand concept” to target more holidaymakers, with a focus on couples and families.

The song spent three weeks at number one in the UK singles chart in April 2015.

It was first used in a television commercial on Christmas Day in the same year and continues to feature heavily in the airline’s marketing.

A spokeswoman for the firm said: “Our Hold My Hand concept is very popular with customers, and we receive a huge amount of positive feedback about both the advert and the song.”