Police 'increasingly concerned' for welfare of missing midwife Samantha Eastwood

Samantha Eastwood disappeared after finishing her shift on Friday morning. Credit: PA

Police say they are increasingly concerned for the welfare of a midwife who disappeared after finishing a shift on Friday morning.

Samantha Eastwood, 28, was last seen in her uniform leaving work and driving off in her car, as she ended a shift at the Royal Stoke Hospital in Staffordshire.

The alarm was first raised when she failed to turn up for her 7pm night shift later that evening.

A 32-year-old man from Stoke-on-Trent arrested in connection with her disappearance has been bailed under investigation, while inquiries continue.

On Wednesday, Staffordshire Police released CCTV of Ms Eastwood leaving work with a female colleague, before driving off alone in her Volvo car at 7.47am.

It is hoped releasing the footage may jog memories, and help lead police to Ms Eastwood.

Several locations are now being searched and the public are urged to report any sightings of vehicles parked in "strange locations", isolated areas, or lay-bys.

Detectives have also said Ms Eastwood left her bank cards at home and is believed to have "no access to money".

  • Ms Eastwood (left) seen leaving work with a colleague

The 28-year-old's car was found parked on the driveway at her house.

Detective Superintendent Simon Duffy, head of the force's major and organised crime team, said the fact Ms Eastwood had no cash or access to a vehicle is "ramping up the concern".

He added "nothing is off the table", in terms of the investigation into Ms Eastwood’s disappearance and there are a number of lines of inquiry being worked on.

Detectives said they are aware of a report of neighbours hearing a scream in the vicinity of Ms Eastwood’s address at about 2pm on Friday.

Mr Duffy said that account "forms part of one of a number of theories and ongoing investigations", adding he was unable to comment further.

  • CCTV of Ms Eastwood driving her Volvo car

One of the last sightings of Ms Eastwood in this vehicle. Credit: Staffordshire Police

Mr Duffy said: "She’s still being treated as a high-risk missing person.

"We’ve got nothing to suggest anything to the contrary at this time."

Ms Eastwood is described as white, approximately 5ft 3in, of medium build, with shoulder-length ginger hair, brown eyes and a fair complexion with freckles.

Mr Duffy said: "As far as we can ascertain, she’s taken no bank cards with her.

"That has obviously ramped up the concern because we can’t see there’s been any access to finances through usual means, and similarly, the vehicle as well.

"That just leads us to say it is totally out of character.

"The family are concerned and we are concerned, and through the passage of time that (concern) ramps up."

Mr Duffy said he was as yet unable to say whether police have recovered Ms Eastwood’s phone, but that it is !part of an ongoing investigation".

Asked about any recent use of social media accounts by the midwife, he added that is also an area detectives are working on.

He described Ms Eastwood as appearing "jovial and happy" when she left work on Friday morning.

Mr Duffy added that she had been in a relationship and engaged, but it had been broken off earlier in the year and she is currently single and living alone.

Ms Eastwood has worked as a midwife for six years, with chief nurse at the Royal Stoke Liz Rix describing her colleague as a “much-loved and valued” staff member.

North Yorkshire Police has also shared the appeal as Ms Eastwood had holidayed in Whitby earlier in the year.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Staffordshire Police immediately on 101, quoting incident 940 of 27 July 2018.