Singer Gwenno Saunders launches Cornish-language album

Gwenno Saunders is one of an estimated few hundred people who speak the Cornish language, Kernewek, fluently.

The singer learned the language from her Cornish father and decided to record her latest solo album Le Kov, meaning 'The Place of Memory', entirely in Kernewek.

"The thing that I find really interesting about the Cornish language is that many people don't know that it exists because it doesn't get the coverage as Cornwall is a very small place, it doesn't get much funding and much government support," Saunders told ITV News.

"So much is drummed into you particularly if you're making music or art that you have to do it in English, otherwise no one's going to care and I've always felt that wasn't true. It's unique to Cornwall, it's a fantastic language and what's encouraging is that more and more people in the creative sector are using it as well."

Cornish language music has mostly been limited to folk over the years. Next week, however, Gwenno will be on stage in Cornwall singing in the county's language.

"I think it's our cultural and linguistic differences that makes the world fascinating. I think I am just really excited by more and more people speaking Cornish."