Two sets of identical twins to share joint wedding

Krissie Bevier and fianc, Zack Lewan and Nicholas Lewan and fiance, Kassie Bevier. Credit: PA

Two sets of identical twins who dated and got engaged at the same time are set to marry this weekend in Michigan in the US.

Krissie and Kassie Bevier will marry Zack and Nick Lewan on Saturday in a joint ceremony and share a reception that night.

Speaking to local news channel WILX-TV Nick Lewan said: “I’m in disbelief sometimes of just how everything happened."

Kassie Bevier and Nick Lewan first met while taking a psychology class together at Grand Valley State University four years ago.

They later invited their twin siblings, Krissie Bevier and Zack Lewan, to a double date after which the pair began seeing each other.

Krissie Bevier told Associated Press: “We just flow together and it makes sense.

“There is a special twin bond, and having someone who understands that is huge.”

Both couples pose for pictures ahead of the wedding on Saturday. Credit: PA