Stonehenge builders thought to be from Wales after remains studied

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Paul Davies

Scientific research suggests the neolithic people who built Stonehenge did not come from Wiltshire where the formation was constructed.

Cremated human bones found at the site, dated to be 5000 years old, showed that those who erected the stones most likely came from west Wales.

"We know that western Wales provided the bluestones used in some of the constructional phases of Stonehenge but the potential for having links to communities in in western Wales or western Britain is just astonishing," archaeologist John Pouncett told ITV News.

Tests were carried out on 25 people buried near Stonehenge about the time it was built. Experts say 15 of them were born and raised in Wiltshire but 10 were not local, five are thought to have been from the region the stone was originally quarried and the remaining five were also from Wales.