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Eat, Shop, Save: The English's

In the second episode of Eat, Shop, Save - Ranvir and her team of experts meet with The English's, whose marriage is on the rocks Photo: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

The English’s are made up of mum Emma, dad Kris and their daughter Zoe. The young, married couple are VERY different when it comes to food, saving and exercise.

Sorry Kris…

Emma is super organised and loves to cook healthy and find ways to save, whereas Kris has been getting by on a diet of convenience food and energy drinks and has the blood pressure of someone twice his age.

“Emma definitely gets frustrated with me. We had a bit of a sticky patch not that long ago.Everything kind of got bottled up and then it kind of all just exploded out in one big argument.”

– Kris

The family are teetering on the verge of a breakdown, time to send in fairy godmother Ranvir and her team of experts!

Healthy work-lunches

We’re sending in chef and nutritionist Dale Pinnock to show Kris how to swap the junk he’s eating at work with some healthy prepare-ahead lunches that he can take with him like:

  • Pasta salad
  • Date and almond balls
  • Bacon and avocado wrap

But what about that energy drink habit?

Not only are energy drinks packed with sugar and calories, but have you ever thought about how much money they could save you by cutting them out?

Well of course, our savvy saver Kate Hardcastle has…tune into this evening’s programme to find out what tricks she has up her sleeve.

What's that behind Kate, Kris and Emma? It's a mountain of sugar cubes! Credit: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

Kicking the high blood pressure into touch

Kris has some worrying health issues and it’s concerning to have blood pressure so high for someone of his age, but one of the best ways to tackle it, is by introducing exercise into his life.

He occasionally plays 5-a-side with his mates but finds himself stuck in goal. So personal trainer, Tom Pitfield wants to show him some simple and quick exercises that he can fit into his day, that will increase his fitness levels two-fold and build up his stamina.

Tune in to Eat, Shop, Save will air this evening (2nd August) on ITV at 7:30pm, so make sure you tune in to find out more.

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