A former British Airways worker who says the company sacked him because of his man bun has told ITV News that the decision left him feeling "bullied" and "violated".

Sid Ouared, 26, accused the airline of being "stuck in the 1970s" for telling him his hair was like "girls' hair."

British Airways said it would not comment "on employment matters relating to individuals".

The Londoner, who was let go from Heathrow's customer service team, told ITV News: "Their reason for dismissing me is obscene as well as draconian.

"In a nutshell they pretty much dismissed me on the claims that my hair is like a girl's hair."

Credit: ITV News

Prior to being let go last month, Mr Ouared said he was given three options: to either cut his hair, put it in a turban, or get dreadlocks.

But after he told employers that he was neither "sikh" or "rastafarian" he says he was dismissed, just two weeks into his job.

He said: "The three options that were given to me demonstrate that BA were stuck in the 1970s."

Mr Ouared compared his experience to "telling a female why are you wearing trousers, why aren't you wearing a skirt?"