Is the summer heatwave finally over?

In typical British fashion, people have flocked to beaches in this nationwide heatwave. Credit: PA

Summer is on hold for (just) a week!

Temperatures across parts of the UK today were - as predicted - some ten degrees down on yesterday. Tomorrow too brings for many, their first measurable rain for a couple of months.

So is this it for the so-far ceaseless summer of 2018? Have we leapfrogged into Autumn?

Happily the answer is no!

The rest of the working week will certainly bring cooler, more changeable conditions - a mix of sunshine and showers with temperatures nearer average.

The dominating area of high pressure that brought those long, hot summer days pulls away for a few days allowing rain bearing Atlantic fronts back in from the west.

Parts of southeast England - who were on course for challenging dry weather records - could well have some more general rain at times on Thursday, and some of the showers elsewhere could turn locally heavy with a small risk of thunder.

The rain is likely to be welcomed for many given the recent dry conditions, and the notably fresher feel in the southeast will no doubt bring some relief to those who have been suffering in the hot weather of late - we should remember that not everyone craves hot sunshine!

There'll still be more time to enjoy the beach. Credit: PA

On the whole the weekend looks generally unsettled, with some wet and at times fairly windy weather spreading across from the west. It will feel more humid, although temperatures will be rather academic given the increasingly wet weather.

Rain will give way to sunshine and showers across the UK once again next week. However, temperatures should begin to rise again and there are signs that things may begin to settle down more widely again later in the week.

So prepare yourself for more unsettled weather over the coming few days - but don't pack away the shorts and sun cream yet! The second half of August and early September are looking warm and settled once again!