1. ITV Report

UK Weather Forecast: Sunshine and showers in north and west. Feeling much fresher.

Today:It will be a day of sunshine and showers across northern and western parts, where they will be most frequent and heavy in places. Much of southeast England staying dry with some warm sunshine. Breezier and feeling much fresher.

Tonight:A mixture of clear spells and scattered showers, possibly heavy at times across northwestern parts. Thicker cloud and occasional rain possibly spreading across southern and eastern England later. Feeling cooler.

Thursday:Cloudy with perhaps more persistent rain spreading across southeast England, which could be heavy for a time. Sunshine and showers elsewhere, most frequent and heaviest in northwestern parts. Feeling cooler.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:Sunshine and showers on Friday. Rain and stronger winds spreading across most parts this weekend, locally heavy in north and west. Drier in the southeast; perhaps turning warm and humid.